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Norwegian Cruise Line Itinerary Flyer: Canva Template for Travel Agents

Norwegian Cruise Line Itinerary Flyer: Canva Template for Travel Agents

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This flyer is more than just a Canva template; it's your compass in the world of cruise planning, steering your clients towards extraordinary adventures on the high seas. With each itinerary you create, you're not just informing your clients; you're sparking their curiosity, fueling their passion for exploration, and charting a course towards their dream destinations.

Now, let's explore the benefits. What exactly does this flyer bring to your table?

Effortless Customization: Bid farewell to design headaches. Our user-friendly Canva template lets you effortlessly tailor each flyer to fit your client's unique travel preferences and dates.

Professional Appeal: Whether you're promoting a sun-drenched Caribbean escape or a breathtaking European voyage, this flyer radiates professionalism, ensuring your clients are captivated and eager to explore.

Time-Saving: With all the crucial details neatly organized, you can swiftly create a compelling itinerary flyer without spending hours on design. More time for you to focus on what you do best – creating unforgettable travel experiences.

Increased Engagement: The eye-catching layout captures attention, motivating your clients to take the next step and book their dream cruise.

- A free or pro account at
- Your logo and (optional) cruise images to upload


→ After your order is complete, you will see a link to download your files. 

→ Download your PDF instruction guide

→ Sign up for a FREE Canva account or log in to your account

→ Click the underlined LINK in the PDF document and it will take you directly to your Canva template

→ Once in Canva, you will be able to edit the colors, fonts, images, and more to your own branding preferences


I hope you enjoy using my templates. Please note that your license is for personal use only. You may not share your templates with other agents or redistribute the files and templates (e.g. on Facebook, in groups, or similar). If you want to share templates with other agents, please direct them here so they can make their own purchases. I appreciate your understanding!

The sale of this template is not affiliated with Carnival Cruise in any official way.

Due to their digital nature, all sales are final - digital products are non-refundable and non-returnable, with no exceptions.

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