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Can I share the templates with anyone else?

No, please don't. For all templates, free or paid - you are granted one license valid for YOUR use only. You may not share your templates with other travel agents or redistribute the files and templates (eg. facebook, communities, groups or similar). If you want to share our templates with other agents, please be sure to direct them back to us so they get all the awesome benefits too.

Can I use the stock images included in the template?

Absolutely, I have used stock images that are royalty free, attribution free, full commercial use. This means you can use the images without any worry. The website I use are upsplash and pexels, if you are looking for more stock photos, there are good places to search.

Can I use the pre-written content included in the template?

Yes, these are words written by us and when you purchase a template, you get full permission to use as much or as little of the pre-written content as you like (no copyright concerns here). We wanted to include pre-written content so you have a place to start - there is nothing worse then the overwhelm of a blank page.

Note, these templates and the pre-written content are not intended to be legal advise, provide guidance or similar - the wording contained within our templates are for demonstration purposes only.

It is essential to carefully review and edit the content to ensure that it aligns with your specific needs, requirements, and legal obligations. Proofreading and accuracy are the sole responsibility of the user.

Do I need Canva Pro?

No, you don't need Canva Pro to get full access to our templates. All of our templates were created in the free version of Canva to make them as user-friendly and accessible as possible. This even includes the stock photos (no watermarks here!). While you can do everything you need to with a free account, Canva Pro does offer some fun and useful features if you choose to upgrade.

How do I access my Canva Template?

Log into or create a Canva account, then click on the link that has been provided in your purchase download. The link will open in Canva and prompt you to make a copy of the template. Once you make a copy you can begin to edit - add your own branding to create your resource masterpiece.

Do other agents use Canva Pro?

Based on the travel agents who have purchased our templates to date I would say about half use Canva Pro. This is a personal decision and if you are unsure I would recommend taking advantage of the Canva Pro 30 day free trial and deciding if you use or find value in the additional features. 

Why don't you offer refunds for digital products?

Digital products are intangible and can be easily copied and distributed, making it difficult to ensure that a refund would not result in the product being used without payment. Additionally, once a digital product has been downloaded, it cannot be returned or retrieved, making it difficult to process refunds.

What if I accidentally purchase the wrong digital product?

If you accidentally purchase the wrong digital product, please contact us straight away at hello@travelagentchallenge.comand let us know what template you wanted to purchase and we will try to find a solution.

What if I have a technical issue with a digital product?

If you're experiencing a technical issue with a digital product, please contact us immediately and if possible provide us with a screen shot of what the problem seems to be. 

We reserve the right to modify or update all policies at any time. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting the updated policy on our website.